Courtney Julian


Courtney Julian started rapping around the age of 13. As far as he can remember he has always had a passion for the genre. His message then was similar to popular artist in hip hop culture today. Glorifying sex, drugs, violence and dehumanizing woman.

At the age of 15 Courtney had an intervention encounter with the Holy Spirit of the Most High God. In which it was revealed the life Courtney was currently living was wicked and in rebellion against God and His Son Christ Jesus. He immediately was broken, started crying, asking for forgiveness, and the repentance and transformation process began.

As Courtney’s heart began to change so did his message. Realizing and experiencing how cold this world really is and how broken, hurt and lost his neighborhood is, Courtney understood the depth as to why God has given him this gift. He got rid of all his former music. Noticing that type of music has a huge negative influence on his people and plays a part to many problems mentioned earlier. He began to see the genre as a tool to spread the gospel and the love of God to his community.

Courtney has dropped two EP’s but because of some concerns he had about the quality of his music and other things he decided to quit rapping, go back to the drawing board and become a student of the rap game both artistically and business wise.

As of today Courtney is confident in his gift and believes the 2 years of re-educating himself was highly profitable. Through all the studying and research Courtney discovered his own unique sound, style and lane. He believes his craft is thoroughly furnished and authentically himself which cannot be duplicated.